Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean

Music Education Manual, Pieridou Skoutella, A. & Anselmi, P.


Thank you

The “Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean” Consortium would like to thank several people and groups of people who have voluntarily contributed to the production of this music education manual:

Michalis Hatjimihael and Avra Pieridou Skoutella for offering the presentation of the recordings from their publication "Cypriot Traditional Songs for Children" through music education discipline, 2008, Nicosia for the Cypriot songs I poumbouría, Ntili, ntili and Ta psémata. Copyrights for the sound and notational presentation of these songs remain to the publishers Michalis Hatjimihael and Avra Pieridou Skoutella. http://www.ccrsm.org.cy/activities/id/15

The Mayor of Ghéri village in Cyprus Mr Aryhiri Aryhiriou and his musicians for offering the recording of the dance Tatsiá. The copyrights of the recording remain to Mr Aryhiri Aryhiriou.

The Cypriot traditional singer Vasos Constantinou and his musicians for offering the recording of the dance Soústa. The copyrights of the recording remain to Vasos Constantinou.

The Children’s Choir of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu with its Directors Antonia Dalanika Rania Dakanali and Maria-Emma Meligopoulou (Ionian University Academic Tutor) for the recordings:

Pantrévoune ton kávoura, To kokoráki, Chelidhónisma, Perná perná i mélissa

The musicians Foteini Anastasiadou: accordion, Anastasios Emmanouel: guitar, Zacharias Zachoulis: bendir, touberleki, Zoe Dionyssiou: defi (tambor) for the instrumental accompaniment to the recording of the songs: To kokoráki & Pantrévoune ton kávoura.

The children’s choir ‘Note incantate’ of Scuola Popolare di Musica with its director Maria Grazia Belliafor the recordings Alla fiera dell’est and  Alla fiera di mastrandrè ; and the musicians Marzia Mencarelli: piano, Carlo Montuoro and Luca Zarbano: percussion

The music group ‘Taricata’ for the recording of Pizzica Tarantata

The musicians Rocco Capri Chiumarulo and Anna Nacci: (voices), Vincenzo Gagliani: tamburello, vibraphone and arrangement, Francesco Ballanti: batteria, Cristiano Califano: chitarra, Joe De Marco: electric bass, Gianluca Casadei: fisarmonica, Redi Hasa: violoncello, Erma Castriota: violin, Franco Gagliani: mandoline for the recording of Carosa de Santu Vitu from the CD “Jesce fore”.

The two Spanish teachers in Melilla, Spain, María Isabel Moreno Agüero and Gracia Carolina Escobar Mirabete for their useful advice for the teaching units 1&2 “A multicultural perspective of musical games across the Euro-Mediterranean Region”.

We thank the illustrator Louiza Kaimaki for allowing us to use four of her illustrations in the front page of this manual. They are found in the song books Ntíli Ntíli and Ta psémata from the publication "Cypriot traditional songs for children; through music education discipline". http://www.ccrsm.org.cy/activities/id/15

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